Products  Description:

Product No.: 300010

Main material:

    Alu. housing
    Solar Glass Panel
    PC diffuser

Production Dimension mm: 130*182.5*800 mm

Type: Outdoor Solar Garden Lamp

Housing Color:

    Dark Gray
    Sliver Gray


LED Garden Solar Lamp


    Al+Solar Panel+Nylon housing

    Luminous flux 200LM

    6 ~ 8 meters, the induction distance sensing point of 90 ~ 110 degrees

    The work intensity of illumination < 20 lux

    The initial brightness: 10% (about 15 lm)

    5 w 5.5V polycrystalline silicon solar panels, with 7.4 V / 4400 mah lithium batteries

    Output time:5H

    Delay time: 40 + / - 5 seconds

    Working mode: shut down during the day, the evening to work less than 20 lux lamps and lanterns, the initial 10% brightness,

    After the induction to the moving object brightness 100%;Induction is less than moving object, fell to its original state afterbeing 40 seconds 10% brightness


 IP: IP65

Input Powder: 5W